Fattoria Lavacchio has created Puro

door | 31 jul 2013 | Internationaal, Nieuws


Fattoria Lavacchio has created Puro:

the first sulphite-free Chianti wine made using specially fermentation tanks

Is it possible to make a sulphite-free wine? Yes, it is.  This is the firm reply given by the Fattoria Lavacchio winery (although it would be more correct to define it as a farm, given its multifaceted operations that distinguish it in the primary sector), situated on the Rùfina hills, the historic outstanding wine producing area and the Chianti DOCG subzone on the hills overlooking Florence


Puro, the first sulphite-free Chianti – a Sangiovese monovarietal – stemmed from the idea of creating a wine that is truly for everyone. It embraces the course that is being followed by the estate owners – the Lottero family – that is moving towards a way of life based on an “organic” lifestyle

We are talking about a company whose principles of natural and organic living have become the fil rouge underlying its products (wine, oil, cereals, truffles), but also in terms of farmstay accommodation and the farm-to-fork process that ends in the estate restaurant, where only local products are used.

It is in this perspective that the Puro project was born, as the managing director of the Estate, Faye Lottero, explains, “Our estate is a small, complex world, of which Puro is an expression, a character, but also an excellent visiting card.  Creating a sulphite-free wine was indeed a challenge.  Puro is pure because it contains nothing but our precious Sangiovese grapes”.

To carry out this project we focused not only on meticulous vineyard management, but also on using special technology in the cellar in the specially modified fermentation tanks as a result of a specific study in this field.

Changes were made to a small number of vinification tanks,” explains the oenologist Stefano Di Blasi, “so that, already from the alcoholic fermentation stage, we were able to control oxidation and potential microbiological alterations.”

In fact, the changes introduced affect the particular control of conditions relating to the internal gas pressure, above all of carbon dioxide, which is released during fermentation.

Di Blasi goes on to say. “These particular conditions, which are part of the estate’s expertise and are used to produce Puro, guarantee an excellent colour, soft tannins and the preservation of primary grape aromas.  Thanks to this innovative technique we have the “initiation” of the grapes along a virtuous path, which will be protected from microbiological and oxidative variations leading to a sulphite-free wine.”

This technology allows us to produce a sulphite-free wine, which has been added to the existing list of strictly organic wines produced by the Fattoria Lavacchio winery

In addition to Puro, our estate also produces Pàchar – Igt Bianco Toscana; Albeggio – Igt Toscana Rosato; Cedro – Chianti Rùfina Docg; Cedro Riserva – Chianti Rùfina Docg; Fontegalli – Igt Toscana Rosso; Oro del Cedro – Igt Toscana bianco vendemmia tardiva (late-harvest), Vin Santo and Chianti Rùfina Doc.

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