Château de Sales Primeur 2019

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Press release – April 2020 

2019: the elegance of a great vintage 

Blessed by particularly fine weather at harvest time, with grapes that had reached excellent phenolic maturity, Château de Sales 2019 reflects the complexity and refinement of its terroir. 

Tastings in April gave a clearer picture of the wine’s distinguishing characteristics after a few months spent maturing in oak barrels. The Merlots bestow resplendent fruit and a gorgeous, full-bodied texture, while the Cabernets bring freshness, balance and length. Notes of spice are another standout feature of the blend, along with silky tannins and the elegance that is the hallmark of a great vintage. 

Harvest: from 20 September to 8 October 

Varietal mix: 72.5% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon, 12.5% Cabernet Franc Maturing: 15% in new oak barrels, 85% in 1- to 3-year-old barrels 

The ambition of the 25th generation 

Château de Sales is a family property that has been passed down from generation to generation for more than 550 years. In 2017, the 14 direct cousins who jointly own the estate rallied to take it over after their uncle and father retired. They appointed one of their number, Marine Treppoz, to chair the new operating company, and at the same time recruited Vincent Montigaud as CEO. 

Together they embody the new governance of Château de Sales, the largest vineyard in the Pomerol appellation with 47.6 hectares of vines. 

In a constant quest for excellence and quality, production methods are being upgraded under the direction of Vincent Montigaud and the Technical Director, Frédéric Laborde. They are guided in their choices by winemaking consultant Claude Berrouet and vineyard consultant Gilles Rey. 

The 25th generation at the head of Château de Sales aims to give the estate a prominent position within the Pomerol appellation and set new standards for quality, image and family management in order to ensure that the next generation can continue to write its history. 

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