New ownership at Gualdo del Re, one of the Italy’s premier Merlot producers

door | 20 apr 2022 | Geen categorie

Barbara Tamburini

A new chapter is beginning for Gualdo del Re, one of the historic estates in the Suvereto area of Livorno, with a recent transfer of ownership.
The purchase of all the shares formerly owned by the Rossi family concluded on January 11th 2022, officially naming entrepreneur Mauro Gestri, of Pistoia descent, along with entrepreneur Davide Bianchi, originally from Suvereto, the new owners.
This change in leadership at Gualdo del Re occurs under the guise of continuity. In fact, Barbara Tamburini will stay on to direct the prestigious winery. In 2019 Tamburini was awarded “Best Oenologist of the Year” by the Italian Sommelier-Bibenda Foundation, and is considered one of the most highly qualified oenologists in Italy and abroad.

Barbara Tamburini has historic ties to the winery. For more than 20 years in her capacity as technical consultant, she has overseen the quality of production. Under her direction, “I’Rennero,” a monovarietal Merlot first released in 2000, is now considered one of Italy’s premier Merlots, highly ranked in Italy’s most respected wine guides. Tamburini is also behind the iconic “Cabraia.” First released in 2007, the blend of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon has been the recipient of numerous awards for excellence.

I’Rennero and Cabraia are the crowning glory of a whole range of high-end products, a reflection of Suvereto’s unique location, on hillsides shaped like a naturally-formed amphitheatre overlooking the sea, capable of producing extraordinary wines.
Barbara Tamburini and her team will take on a more decisive role with the 2022 relaunch of the company. Among the various projects in the pipeline will be the restoration of several vineyards and the additional planting of traditional grape varieties from new clones developed at the forefront of modern research and experimentation.
At the same time, the winery facility will be updated to optimize technical production, with a focus on increasing sales potential to expand the national market, as well as international markets in Europe, Asia and the United States.
“Gualdo del Re is an estate producing excellent wines,” the owners said. “It has enormous potential, one that we intend to fully develop in order to maximize quality.”

Gualdo del Re covers more than 40 hectares, 22 under vine, in the heart of Suvereto within the province of Livorno. They currently produce approximately 100,000 bottles a year, which the property intends to substantially increase, thanks to the new facility.