ORANGE WINE 2023Poderi dal Nespoli’s Macerated Marvel Celebrates Romagna’s Bold Spirit

door | 17 apr 2024 | Nieuws

Poderi dal Nespoli, a winery nestled in Forlì bearing an authentic Romagna soul, proudly unveils its latest creation — a truly distinctive orange wine that defies convention and embraces freedom of expression. This wine, made with Pinot Bianco and Trebbiano grapes, is a captivating blend of purity and sophistication that unveils a fascinating and complex bouquet, where maceration elevates the unique characteristics of each varietal. 
The grapes come from some of Poderi dal Nespoli’s historic vineyards: Dogheria for Pinot Bianco and Mastalsò for Trebbiano. Here, the vines thrive in the clayey and clayey-sandy soils of the Predappio subzone. The combination of a ventilated climate and substantial diurnal temperature variation results in grapes with exceptional organoleptic profiles and abundant aromatic complexity 

“Orange Wine is a project that holds a special place in my heart – shares Soledad Adriasola, winemaker at Poderi dal NespoliIt’s our first and only orange wine that came to life unexpectedly. During the 2020 harvest, a technical glitch disrupted our plans for the Pinot Bianco grapes’ pre-fermentative cryomaceration, leaving us unable to control the temperatures. In a bold move to salvage the fruit, we decided to proceed with fermentation while maintaining skin contact, a process we repeated separately for the Trebbiano grapes. The outcome of this impromptu experiment was nothing short of remarkable: a wine that captures the aromatic intensity of a macerated white, yet retains the elegance, cleanliness, and varietal purity characteristic of our wines. Trebbiano’s body and structure seamlessly intertwine with Pinot Bianco’s acidity and fruity aromas, heightened by a 3% component of grapes subjected to appassimento (slight drying process). From that moment on, this serendipitous wine has become a favorite among our team and customers alike”.