Styria welcomes Sauvignon Selection by CMB

door | 18 apr 2024 | Nieuws

‘Es geht los!’ The 15th Sauvignon Selection by CMB kicked off on 18 April in Styria. For three days, 1,285 wines from 27 countries will be blind tasted, with a record number of entries from the host country Austria. 56 professional judges from 20 countries will assess the wines.

The competition, organised by Vinopres and supported by trade organisation Wein Steiermark, will take place at the Landesweingut Silberberg/Leibnitz, winemaking and fruit-growing education centre.

In the three regions of Styria, Sauvignon blanc produces world class wines. When so many top winegrowers focus on a single grape variety, success is inevitable. Another very important aspect is the terroir in the wine region of Styria, which is perfect for this grape variety. We want to make the best Sauvignon blancs in the world, and in many tastings, we already are”, explains Stefan Potzinger, chairman of Wein Steiermark.

Competition director Quentin Havaux shares his enthusiasm: “Some wine marketing boards are extremely dynamic and see the synergies and potential for collaboration with other regions offered by the competition. They do not compete with each other but rather tap into the potential afforded by on-trend products that are well-received by consumers, hence their desire to continue to do things together”.

Sauvignon Selection by CMB is so much more than a competition between appellations and producers across the globe. More importantly, it provides an opportunity for discussion and a venue for all industry specialists to meet. Over three days, judges will gain unique insight into Austrian Sauvignon with a particular focus on Styria. Winery visits, workshops and tastings will punctuate their trip.

About the competition
Sauvignon Selection by CMB (formerly Concours Mondial du Sauvignon) is currently the largest competition in the world for Sauvignon blanc wines. Established in Bordeaux in 2010, Concours Mondial du Sauvignon, now called Sauvignon Selection by CMB, has rapidly become the flagship event for Sauvignon blanc. What makes the event unique is that it is held in a different region every year, so that the spotlight can be shone on a specific region or country that specialises in the varietal. We have already visited seven different regions in France, as well as Italy, Austria, Spain and Portugal. Last year, Sauvignon Selection by CMB travelled outside Europe for the first time, and was held in South Africa. In 2018, Styria hosted the competition, which is returning to the region six years later.