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Dominating the Loire from its peak, Chateau de Sancerre is an integral part of the history of the area from which its name is drawn. Situated on the river’s left bank, its unique 55-hectare property comprises the appellations three emblematic terroirs. Combined with a semi-continental climate they produce Sauvignons with nice structure, elaborated individually on fine lees and then assembled. The art of blending is a genuine work of fine craftsmanship and pays tribute to Constable Louis de Sancerre’s motto dating back to the 14th century: “Overtake the very best”. This saying has of course been naturally adopted by the successive owners of this prestigious estate and by Orchidées, Maisons de Vin since 2017.

Steeped in history and tradition, the place has continued to thrive and evolve over time, by keeping pace with change and by improving upon its image and that of its wines. The latest developments genuinely mark a new era for the property, for in addition to the relentless pursuit for quality and the typical expression of the terroir, the estate has also undergone changes in terms of winegrowing practices, sales and tourism.
From the vineyard to the finished product, the 2019 vintage was the center of attention and most of all, brought about the property’s renaissance.

« Our ambition is to make Chateau de Sancerre, the symbol of the appellation bearing the same name, that is to say recognized among the AOP’s best estates, involved in sustainable vine-growing and an important local actor, especially when it comes to wine tourism»
Bernard Jacob, Managing Director


Interested in discovering new horizons, Marie Bordy arrived in the area, and most especially at Chateau de Sancerre in 2019. Moving the estate forward: this is the challenge for the new Technical Manager, who is paying close attention to the property’s sublime terroirs. Hailing from Lorraine, Marie Bordy grew up in the kitchen behind her mother, grandmother and aunt. She was brought up by a family of grower-distillers in a region where sharing good food and fine drinks is a tradition. In love with biology and initially focusing on becoming a research scientist, it was finally enology that allowed her to combine these two passions. « Determining the right balance, understanding the terroir and the impact of the climate, adapting vine-growing practices: my profession is very rich. Many factors are involved and a slight variation can change everything. The pride behind enology is a bit like cuisine: producing expressive and generous wines that delight consumers. »
To satisfy her thirst for travelling and discoveries, Marie decided to become a “flying winemaker” for 4 or 5 years, alternating harvests in France and
abroad. After Australia, California, Gaillac, Rivesaltes and Meursault, she finally landed in Bordeaux, where she gained experience in management.
2019 is the first vintage for Marie and a of change for Chateau de Sancerre. Bernard Jacob, the Managing Director of Orchidées, Maisons de Vin, has decided to work with Derenoncourt Consultants. Winemaking and engineering consultants – Simon Blanchard, Arnaud Gimonnet and Pauline Lagarde – are the trio providing technical expertise to better understand the terroirs in the never-ending quest to produce the best possible wines at Chateau de Sancerre: “The magic of the place, the patchwork of terroirs and the potential quality of the soils immediately incited us to help awaken this sleeping beauty.”

The partnership between Derenoncourt Consultants and Chateau de Sancerre resulted from a rich encounter and the team’s love at first sight for the place and the terroir. The property has plenty of potential as AOP Sancerre’s three emblematic terriors are found here: flint-stone, stony-limestone and white soils. They confirm the location’s potential for the production of great typical wines. Largely made up of old vines, the vineyard also enhances the expression of the terroir. It is chiefly planted with Sauvignon, the appellation’s main white grape variety and with Pinot Noir for the production of red wines.
Situated at the top of the village, Chateau de Sancerre is the jewel of the appellation, with its expressive and ample wines, boasting good acidic structure. Today the objective is that of offering an identity to the estate’s range through vibrant aromas and the finest expression of the terroir. Chateau de Sancerre has affirmed its willingness to promote environmental friendly vine-growing. The estate is upon the threshold of becoming organic and is already implementing biodynamic practices.

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