160th Hospices de Beaune Auction : Albert Bichot innovates once again

door | 6 nov 2020 | Geen categorie

Maison Albert Bichot, the #1 Hospices de Beaune buyer for more than 20 years, is getting ready for an exceptional 160th Hospices de Beaune auction: a splendid vintage (and the earliest ever) sold in the midst of a sanitary crisis.

The everlasting objective from Albert Bichot resonates even more this year: make the auction
accessible to all wine lovers. Two innovations : an exclusive tasting kit and live broadcast of the auction.

« This year, more than ever, solidarity and assistance will be at the heart of the auction. We must be present and carry on making live and renewing the Hospices de Beaune experience, with emotion and generosity », Albéric Bichot.


Available for online purchase on www.hospices-beaune.com – 25 € (+shipping)

For all winelovers who want to discover the Hospices de Beaune wines in a privileged and original way, Albert Bichot has designed a beautiful tasting kit with 5 small bottles of 2 cl.
This box is a way to discover and prepare the next auction with 5 outstanding Hospices wines
bought in past auctions and aged by Albert Bichot. 2 whites and 3 reds are included from the last 2 vintages.

After purchase, buyers will have the possibility to watch small videos of each wine that will guide them through their tasting.

Albert Bichot, #1 Hospices buyer for the last 20 years
Since 1876, demanding customers trust Albert Bichot to buy and age Hospices de Beaune wines.

In 2019, the House bought 20% of the total auction with 122 barrels and 35 different wines Albert Bichot is also the #1 buyer of the charity barrel, a special wine sold by the Hospices to the benefit of one or several charities or NGO, often for record prices. In the last 12 years, 5 customers from Albert Bichot bought 6 times the charity barrel. Read more on this link.

In the last 10 years alone, Albert Bichot bought more than 1000 barrels at the auction!