Villa Rosa Chianti Classico Gran Selezione DOCG 2016.

door | 26 nov 2020 | Geen categorie, Internationaal

Chianti Classico Gran Selezione DOCG is the most representative label of Villa Rosa, one of the latest properties acquired by the Cecchi family on their journey within the most prestigious wine denominations of Central Italy. The importance of this estate, located in the municipality of Castellina in Chianti, is not only limited to a property of 36 hectares in one of the most suitable areas of the appellation, but also to the history that these vineyards pass on in terms of the age of the vines and the wealth of the Sangiovese clones. A very important legacy that Cecchi, thanks to its secular experience in Chianti Classico, has decided to both preserve and enhance through a particular management of the vineyards and the vinification of labels such as Villa Rosa Chianti Classico Gran Selezione, capable of strengthening the nuances of Sangiovese and the territory of Castellina at the same time.

In fact, today the morphology of the Villa Rosa Estate includes three different wine-growing areas, where Sangiovese for Gran Selezione is mainly grown: Casetto, Palagione and Villa, Ribaldoni.Casetto is characterized by an altitude of 425 m asl and by soils rich in Tuscan marl. Palagione and Villa, on the other hand, have lower altitudes with full southern exposure and soil characterized by an abundant presence of alberese and pebbles. Finally, Ribaldoni is located at an altitude between 255 and 290 meters above sea level, and is made up of medium clayey-silty soils facing north-west. But the real uniqueness of Villa Rosa vineyards lies in their management. In order to preserve the ancient clonal varieties of Sangiovese, there is a continuous recovery of the oldest vines from which the buds are taken and re-grafted. A process of constant transformation that leads to a set of vines with different age and genetics that will allow Sangiovese to embody its territory to the best of its ability.

The vinification of Chianti Classico Gran Selezione DOCG is carried out in stainless steel tanks at temperatures between 25-28 °C, with a period of maceration on the skins for 22 days. Malolactic fermentation takes place in stainless steel and is done before the aging in wood which lasts for 15 months in tonneaux for this great wine, followed by 3 months in cement and a subsequent period in the bottle of at least 1 year. Gran Selezione Villa Rosa 2016 embodies and perfectly interprets the characteristics of its exceptional harvest, giving it the kind of maturity, tannic texture and progression that is typical of great vintages. Produced in only 13,000 bottles, it is an elegant wine and deeply bonded to the territory of origin: the calcareous soils, both clayey and rich in marl, give it floral, fruity and spicy notes on the nose. In the mouth, it is sapid and balanced with a vibrant and persistent finish.