#OpenyourBourgogne and celebrate the holiday season to the full!

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#OpenyourBourgogne: A welcome return to conviviality

Bourgogne wines are a traditional accompaniment to the holiday season. They are wines that are synonymous with festivities, gastronomy, and conviviality. Furthermore, there is a Bourgogne wine for every taste within an extensive price range. From the Bourgogne and Mâcon appellations plus a geographical denomination, including Bourgogne Tonnerre, Bourgogne Epineuil, Bourgogne Côte d’Or, Mâcon-La Roche-Vineuse, and Mâcon-Lugny, right through to Grand Cru AOCs that are the stuff of dreams. And don’t forget the effervescent Crémant de Bourgognes to add sparkle to every occasion.
As this turbulent year draws to a close, there is even more reason for us to cling onto our traditions and value what we know to be true: YES, you will celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, or St. Nicholas! YES, you will treat yourself! And YES, Bourgogne wines will be there to accompany the festivities, as usual!
Open your Bourgogne is more than just an opportunistic marketing slogan, it’s a veritable manifesto. Let’s fight together against austerity this holiday season and return to a reassuring sense of normality.
“Nobody knows what the holidays will be like. We are starting to work towards a plan B, or even a plan C or D. And given this uncertainty, we are inviting consumers to adopt a holiday mood and enjoy their end-of-year celebrations with Bourgogne wines – that is one thing they can’t take away from us!” says Anne Moreau, President of the BIVB’s Marketing Commission.

#TheVinesGrowOn, and life goes on, too!

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During the first lockdown, as France ground to a halt, estates and négoce businesses continued their efforts to produce the splendid 2020 vintage.
During the second lockdown in France, the context has been very different. Although certain professions have experienced severe restrictions, for the most part, business has continued more or less as usual. Wine estates and négoce businesses have also adapted to ensure that you can still enjoy their wines. Closer partnerships have been fostered between Bourgogne wine industry professionals and their partners such as agents, importers, and distributors to ensure everyone can discover the diversity of Bourgogne wines close to home.

     Wherever you live, you can find your favorite wine from:

  •   Your local winestore or specialist boutique: They are your chief ally for finding the right Bourgogne wine to embellish that special dinner or make an unforgettable gift.
  •   Your local major retailer: Supermarkets are also a good way to find Bourgogne wines. The choice on offer is expanding all the time and many big retailers even have wine cellar conditions to protect the most delicate bottles.
  •   Online stores: There are more and more online outlets thanks to both lockdown and our changing consumer habits. They are also adapting as major retailers improve their online stores, ecommerce specialists are opening up bricks-and-mortar outlets.

There is nothing stopping you from respecting tradition:
Even in 2020, you can still enjoy Bourgogne wines for the holidays!