door | 22 sep 2021 | Internationaal, Nieuws

A new producers’ association has been set up in the Black Rooster  Chianti Classico area:  The Greve in Chianti Winemakers’ Association.

There are currently 25 member estates, this number is destined to grow as the association makes its self-known over the coming weeks. After years of informal meetings, the Greve in Chianti estates felt the need to unite with a common objective:  The protection and promotion of the entire Greve area.

The aim of the association is not only to promote the member’s wines, but also to promote sustainability in all areas of local endeavour and not just farming, this is seen as a safe-guard for the whole the territory The Greve Winemakers are committed to protecting the local Territory for future generations, also working for the redevelopment of areas not yet properly integrated into the local landscape. The Association will promote   wine tourism and all forms of agricultural production and biodiversity. Monitoring the quality of the air, water and soil, are also seen as essential.

The logo chosen by the association is intended to represent the three main themes on which it is based: The territory with the graphics of the arches that characterise the main square of Greve in Chianti, the hub of the town; the Wine production represented by wine glasses; The commitment to environmental sustainability, represented by the leaves of a plant created by the intersection of the arches and the glasses.

“Greve in Chianti is our territory, our home, our family, our work, and that is why we are uniting to promote and protect its prestige in the world,” underline the representatives of the Association.

Victoria Matta of Castello Vicchiomaggio has been nominated President of the Greve in Chianti, Winemakers Association.

Member companies

Agricola Ottomani

Ambrogio e Giovanni Folonari Tenute s.a.r.l.

Azienda Agricola Campriano

Azienda Agricola Corte di Valle

Azienda Agricola Giacomo Grassi

Azienda Agricola La Buca

Azienda Agricola Manetti Leonardo

Azienda Agricola Richiari Porciglia

Carpineto s.r.l.

Castello di Querceto

Castello Verrazzano

Castello Vicchiomaggio

Fattoria La Presura

Fattoria Santo Stefano

Fattoria Toscanella Rimaggio

Podere Poggio Scalette


Pieve di San Cresci

Sugame Agricola


Torraccia di Presura



Villa Calcinaia