“same but different”: the highlight for Craft Spirits Craft Beer & Cider at the heart of ProWein 2022

door | 16 feb 2022 | Internationaal

120 exhibitors from 23 countries/ trending: non-alcoholic

The Trend Show “same but different” (sbd) is a real highlight at the heart of ProWein 2022 from 15 to 17 May. To the tune of 120 exhibitors from 23 countries will be presenting extensive and cutting-edge ranges of craft spirits, craft beer and cider here in Hall 7.0 – meaning this special event will again be fully booked thanks to its special recipe. “The success formula and hallmark of “same but different” are its unique spirit and inimitable atmosphere, setting the tone for activities in this exhibition hall. With this ambience we deliberately set ourselves apart from other events,” explains Nicole Funke, Senior Project Manager at ProWein. As varied as the focus of these exhibitors may be, they all share the same aim of a gentle, sustainable and creative processing of raw materials, great craftsmanship and know-how, often regional sourcing principles – and, of course, a strong passion for the product and new trends. “Since its debut in 2018 our Trend Show “same but different” has grown into a real gem for ProWein. Presented here in Hall 7.0 are pioneers, trendsetters and market leaders in the growth segments of spirits and cider – the perfect choice especially for trade visitors from trend hospitality, the bar community but also food retail,” says Bastian Mingers, Project Director of ProWein, summing it up in a nutshell. The ranges at “same but different” are just as international as ProWein itself. Exhibitors will be coming from the following 23 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Italy, Latvia, Luxemburg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Ukraine, USA.

A theme that’s trending: non-alcoholic

Non-alcoholic is a central theme – be it for craft beer or craft spirits. In particular, trendsetter Siegfried Rheinland Dry Gin (Hall 7.0, Stand B 26) has been hitting the headlines with its “Wonderleaf” since 2018, the debut year of sbd. Since then, the array of comparable products – and, hence, the choice of trade buyers from restaurants, hotels and retail – has grown exponentially. Dr. Jaglas GmbH (Hall 7.0, Stand B 04) from Berlin, for instance, caused a stir with its non-alcoholic hibiscus aperitif – and definitely not just because its founder and CEO, Dr. Christina Jagla, is a pharmacist by profession. By launching VINCENT the tradition-rich company Alfred Schladerer GmbH (Hall 7.0, Stand B 44) also bets on a non-alcoholic, herb-based aperitif, refined with ripe raspberries. The same applies to HEIMAT Distillers (Hall 7.0, Stand C 34) from Schwaigern. They not only offer their Dry Gin and a ginger spirit but also non-alcoholic alternatives, such as ‘vogelfrei SUGAR CANE’ with a rum flavour. An aperitif with low alcohol content is Amaro Santoni by Gabriello Sanonti SRL (Hall 7.0, Stand A 01) from Italy; this bitter is a Dolce Amaro based on rhubarb and iris blossoms and a protagonist of the Italian ‘aperitivo’ culture handed down for generations. 

Setting new trends has also been the goal at Berlin-based Distillery Kreutz (Hall 7.0, Stand B 30). Their Urban Garden Gin is particularly sustainable. Its key botanical is beach mugwort, a climate-busting plant that grows on the company’s own roof garden. To reap the harvest the team simply pops two storeys upstairs. The aroma worlds of craft beer and whisky are united by St. Kilians X BRLO at ProWein 2022, showcased by Neue Bierkultur GmbH (Hall 7.0, Stand C 59). BRLO simply have their Scotch Ale mature in original St. Kilians whisky jars thereby creating a whole new taste journey. Deutsche Spirituosen Manufaktur GmbH (Hall 7.0, Stand B 22) headquartered in Berlin boasts some 115 products in their repertoire – an inexhaustible repository of inspirations for customers from food service and the bar community as well as specialist retailers. DSM stands for premium spirits manufactured in small batches, 100% by hand. Not forgetting ‘Ingwerer’ from Schweizer Peppe International AG (Hall 7.0, Stand C 03), an organic craft liqueur, or the Original Cider Range by RAMBORN Cider Co. from Luxembourg (Hall 7.0, Stand D 34). Alongside the quality of the product range, their key hallmark is sustainability across the entire company. As a BCorp-certified company they can now pride themselves on a negative carbon footprint.

For more information on ProWein 2022 and the Trend Show “same but different” visit www.prowein.com.

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