Following three editions in Amsterdam and one in Yantai, the well-established WBWE cracks the US market

door | 18 feb 2022 | Internationaal

If you are a winemaker or distill wine-based beverages, this fair will be the gateway to the market that buys top quality at top dollar.

The World Bulk Wine Exhibition (WBWE) kicks off its first US edition which will take place in Santa Rosa, CA on the 8th and 9th of June, coinciding with the southern hemisphere’s harvest season.
The organizers have spent two years working on this new project to connect vineyards and buyers from inside and outside the US. Santa Rosa (Sonoma, California) is the perfect spot for the exhibition because of its accessibility and because it is the current business hub for vineyards and buyers.

The WBWE is the perfect place for top-quality winemakers and distillers who want to engage big buyers from the US. In this edition, we welcome producers—who sell in bulk, in bag in box, in cans or in bottles as a private label—who feel the need to broaden their horizons and learn the ropes of the US sector. That is why this fair is the gateway into a market that bought €5.61 billion worth of wine in 2021″.

“We have no intention of copying the models of other fairs that are held in the US, this is complementary and distinct from the rest. Our formula is based on business, safety and effectiveness. It’s worked in Amsterdam and in Yantai, now we’re going to bring it to Santa Rosa. We at the WBWE have already contacted big, US buyers who will be coming in search of wines with denomination of origin, protected geographical indication, or with varietal denomination, plus generic wines for blending, sparkling wines, aromatized drinks such as vermouths, brandies and, of course, other distilled spirits”.

“The US wants top quality wines and they pay the best prices; you only have to see the data from the past few years. Exhibitioners need to bring their best products and their best sales reps and they’ll do business,” says Otilia Romero de Condés, CEO of the WBWE.

The World Bulk Wine Exhibition will also address the issues that most concern our sector and its future. We’ll tackle the economy of the market, water conservation, technology, smart packaging, the future of transport…all part of our more-than-enticing program of conferences, roundtables and tastings featuring the opinions of top experts in the market. We will soon send out more information.

The US edition of the WBWE is the perfect event for vineyards and distilleries that make quality products and have an eye on making future sales. With the slogan “broadening horizons”, this fair will be your gateway to business deals in the US and the rest of the world.