All of Austria’s 5,000 single vineyards are now digitally accessible

door | 20 jul 2023 | Internationaal, Nieuws


Learn about Austria’s wines on this online tool – the only one of its kind in the world – shows where a wine comes from, as well as the factors that influence its flavour. Since Steiermark (Styria) has legally defined its Rieds (single vineyards), the number of Rieds represented on the site has risen to almost 5,000.

Austria’s wines are well-known for their unique flavour. A wine’s origin plays a significant role in explaining why Grüner Veltliner and Zweigelt (Rotburger) – to name but two – taste the way they do. Factors such as sunshine hours, precipitation and elevation influence the character of every wine, and these differ not only from region to region, but also from Ried to Ried (single vineyards).

Researching the origin and flavour of Austrian wines

Anyone wanting to research the unique properties of Austrian Rieds will find exactly what they are looking for on Since their recent legal definition, Rieds in Steiermark (Styria) have been added to the tool, bringing the total number of digitally accessible single vineyards up to almost 5,000.

“ is the place where wine aficionados can look up every single detail about where their favourite Austrian wine is grown,” explains Chris Yorke, CEO of the Austrian Wine Marketing Board (Austrian Wine). Austrian Wine spent several years developing the digital wine atlas in association with the University of Vienna and is continually updating it.

The world’s first digital wine atlas to cover an entire wine-producing country

Every Ried is listed with details of sunshine hours, average temperature, precipitation, gradient, elevation and the types of grape varieties grown there. There is also detailed information about every wine-growing village and wine-growing region. is the world’s first – and only – digital wine atlas covering an entire wine-producing country.

“ is a prime example of the fact that Austria is one of the most innovative wine-producing countries in the world. However, we’re by no means resting on our laurels! We’re already busy enhancing the site,” says Yorke, providing an insight into what the future holds for the tool. “We’re currently working on how to include detailed geological information, for example.”

Interesting facts from “Ried” = Austrian term for a single vineyard, or “cru”
  Austria’s smallest Ried: Ried Satzen (0.01 ha, Ulrichskirchen-Schleinbach, Weinviertel, Niederösterreich (Lower Austria))
  Austria’s highest Ried: Ried Schmierenberg (highest point 708 m above sea level, Leutschach, Südsteiermark, Steiermark (Styria))
  Austria’s steepest Ried (on average): Ried Kalkriegl (35°, Kitzeck-Sausal, Südsteiermark, Steiermark (Styria))
  14 Rieds go by the name of “Himmelreich” (engl.: “heaven”)
  96% of the wine-growing municipality Horitschon (Mittelburgenland, Burgenland) is planted with red wine.
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