A new national competition in Brazil

door | 8 nov 2023 | Internationaal, Nieuws

The Concours Mondial de Bruxelles continues its expansion and is proud to announce the creation of “Brasil Selection by CMB”, in alliance with Market Press, a new competition dedicated to Brazilian wines and spirits. The inaugural edition will take place in 2024.

Why Brazil?

“Brazil is one of the leading wine producers in South America, with several wine regions such as Rio Grande do Sul and São Paulo”, says Baudouin Havaux, President of CMB.

Brazilian wines and spirits are on the rise and are now recognized internationally. Particularly in our various competitions by CMB, Brazil has distinguished itself on multiple occasions! The domestic demand for wine in Brazil has also increased with the rise of the middle class.”

CMB will not be venturing into unfamiliar territory in the largest state in South America; several competitions have been organized there in the past. The dates for the inaugural edition of Brasil Selection by CMB, as well as the 2024 host, will be announced soon.