Vinisud 2014 The hub of the world’s leading wine region!

door | 20 dec 2013 | Internationaal, Nieuws


Wine from vineyards in countries around the Mediterranean represented 50.93% of global wine production in 2013.

Faced with increasingly standardized production at global level, Mediterranean vineyards are stepping up their initiatives to set themselves apart whilst at the same time adding value to their production.

Next February, more than 1,650 exhibitors will unveil their latest products, innovations, new vintages etc.

You too can take part in this 11th edition!

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Pierre ENJALBERT – Manager of the Global Wine Procurement Department for the Hawesko Group 
“Vinisud is a specialist trade fair with a very extensive range of wines and suppliers. You meet people you don’t usually see at very large exhibitions. We are looking for talented, enthusiastic suppliers offering news ideas/labels, quality and good prices.”


Francis LERMINIAUX – Wine Buyer (France, Italy, Chile etc.) for Carrefour Belgium
“Our customer base has a fairly broad spectrum of tastes. There are regional variations between the north and the south of Belgium and my job is to find wines tailored to regional demand. Fruity, light, full-bodied etc. Mediterranean wines are in great demand with numbers purchased increasing year on year. Wines are becoming more and more “sophisticated”. Wines that are fairly fresh, lively, balanced, fleshy etc. Wines that people enjoy, offering better value for money in the wine marketplace. We are looking for any appellations. I am constantly on the lookout for new products that will delight our customers”.


Didier BOUTET – President and Founder – D.B. Wine Selection Inc
“Since 2008, my company has imported and distributed fine wines, mainly from France. We sell to every state in New England and have a direct distribution license in 2 other states: Massachusetts and Connecticut. We are renowned for the quality of our products and the reliability of the producers that we represent. Compared with other major trade fairs, VINISUD is on a smaller scale and offers me more opportunities to meet new producers and source excellent wines from every appellation represented.”


Jurijs KUZNECOVS –Wine Purchasing Manager for Marine Express, one of the top 10 alcohol import companies in Russia
“Consumers enjoy the style of the Mediterranean wines which are more interesting, spicier, more mature and warm-bodied also. On my business trips, I concentrate on wines from Spain and France, and specifically on appellations from the Rhone Valley, Corsica, Provence, Priorat etc.”


Fuxin BAO – Vice Directing Manager – Shanghai Huma International Buyers
“Our company helps our customers to import more than 350 containers per year. I have twice attended Vinisud Montpellier and been once to the Shanghai exhibition. I was very impressed by the professionalism of the event and the quality of the wines. I was particularly impressed by the Masterclass on Roussillon wines given at Vinisud Shanghai. I was struck by the quality of the vintage wines, and the 1901 vintage in particular! The wines sampled at Vinisud meet the most exacting standards of our clients. Vinisud is an especially important trade fair for our company. I am on the lookout for sparkling and dessert wines, and of course reds.”