door | 27 jan 2014 | Internationaal, Nieuws


All of the Angelini Group’s agricultural and wine production activities have been brought together in order to develop an innovative project

 As from the 1st January 2014, Tenimenti Angelini, the branch of that Group’s business relating to its agricultural activities in the Marche and its wine production operations in Tuscany, has been transferred to Cav. G.B. Bertani. On that date, Cav. G.B.Bertani changed its company name to Bertani Domains srl, whilst maintaining its headquarters at Grezzana.

The new BERTANI DOMAINS group consists of Cav. G.B. Bertani at Grezzana, Tenuta Novare at Negrar (VR), Puiatti Vigneti at Romans d’Isonzo (GO), Val di Suga at Montalcino (SI), Tre Rose at Montepulciano (SI), San Leonino at Castellina in Chianti (SI) and Collepaglia at Jesi (AN). It owns 500 hectares of land, 350 of which are under vine, in the zones for Amarone, Brunello di Montalcino and Nobile di Montepulciano and there are also 1,000 hectares of agricultural terrain in the Marche. Overall, in 2013, the above companies produced and distributed 3 million bottles for a turnover of 20 million Euro.

With the creation of Bertani Domains, a group has been formed that will establish a new position in the panorama of Italian and international wine producers, with the goal of charting, over the next few years, a wide-ranging course for growth.

The decision to extend the Bertani name to the entire group stems from an awareness of the degree to which this name has a strong symbolic value for consumers and for the marketplace in general.

Indeed, for the wine sector,  Bertani is not only a prestigious and historic Veronese producer, but also represents a particular philosophy, an uncompromising style that translates itself into products that reflect wholeheartedly the characteristics of their terroir and the special qualities of their grape varieties.

Extending the Bertani approach to the entire group therefore represents a great opportunity thanks to the long experience of a brand that is highly recognizable and appreciated by markets worldwide. Nonetheless, the independence and distinctive characteristics of the individual producers will remain intact.

Bertani’s approach to wine production – which, because of its rigorous belief in terroir, is often described as “French-style” – will be combined, therefore, with the know-how and identity of each of the estates.

The care and precision that have always been characteristics of Bertani will therefore now make their way into new high-quality wine regions and companies, which have their own individuality but will henceforth be united under the name Bertani as a guarantee of quality and consistency of production.

The name “Bertani Domains” therefore refers to a winemaking philosophy of international scope, but also one with the objective of offering a new wine production model for Italy: “The prestige and profound quality symbolized by the name Bertani”, explains Emilio Pedron, Managing Director of the group, “steered us quite naturally towards the idea of extending this name at a corporate level. This decision undoubtedly represents an opportunity for greater recognisability and popularity on international markets, but also underlines the sense of responsibility of a highly-reputed company that will not accept commercial shortcuts or compromise on quality. The individual Estates will nevertheless maintain their independence and individuality and the products will continue to be identified with the various Bertani, Val di Suga, Tre Rose, San Leonino, Collepaglia and Puiatti brands as they now appear on the label”.

The new group, characterized by a structure that is modern, pragmatic and anything but cumbersome, will have a unified research and communication centre, aimed at developing a new wine culture. It will adopt innovative viticultural methods, in line with progress linked to climate change and to the desire to guarantee varietal purity and environmental, economic and social sustainability. Great attention will be paid to human resources, with the intention of favouring young people. Moreover, the new company model will be characterized by modern communication practices, in line with the new styles and instruments for providing information.