door | 20 mrt 2014 | Internationaal, Nieuws


“The winegrower writing here is always careful before making categorical comments about the quality of a vintage. Precisely because I am a winegrower, I know that wine often reveals itself day by day, and that the hard work and the time spent out in the vineyards and in the wineries help to bring out the best of what nature gives us.

Spring was difficult and rainy and upset flowering leading to poor fruit set and “hens and chickens”. The summer kicked off with rain as well, so outbreaks of downy and powdery mildew had to be contained by relentless, combative winegrowers, who gave disease no quarter.

July and August were especially dry and sunny months, which made it possible for the basic features of the fruitto develop. Polyphenols built up in the grape skins and the pips ripened in favourable conditions.

September and October were worryingly rainy for the winegrowers, but despite everything they were able to harvest good quality grapes, especially those, who had set up the necessary means ahead of time.

Although it is uneven, this 2013 vintage includes some amazing successes. Quite a few tasters will be surprisedby these elegant, balanced wines, which are very fresh and have attractive tannins with moderate alcohol content.These are gentle wines (except for the ones that were too extracted); they develop hints of black fruit, refreshing, velvety tannin textures and tight, attractive finishes.Even if this is not an outstanding vintage, there will still be top quality wines for drinkers, who like Bordeaux wines when they are classically made, fresh and well balanced.”

Hubert de Boüard