Cité des Civilisations du vin in Bordeaux will open its doors to the public in 2016

door | 9 jun 2014 | Internationaal, Nieuws


A new arrival among the world’s leading contemporary cultural institutions, Bordeaux’s Cité des civilisations du vin will open its doors to the public in 2016. Unique, innovative and dynamic, this new landmark will take visitors on a journey through time and space as they explore the cultures and civilisations which are intimately associated with wine. Cité des civilisations du vin aims to become the world’s foremost cultural centre and tourist attraction dedicated to wine. It is also a project of great strategic significance for the city, continuing Bordeaux’s 21st century renaissance with an iconic centre devoted to a product which is fundamental to the region’s identity: wine.

Cité des civilisations du vin is set on a 15,000m² site at the gateway to Bordeaux, a beacon rising above the waters of the Garonne on the quayside of the Bassins à Flots. The iconic, audacious, thoroughly modern design of Cité des civilisations du vin is in perfect keeping with the institution’s international status, and the emergence of Bordeaux as a great 21st century city. 

A distinctive, immersive, multi-sensory cultural experience and a dynamic, living space
Innovative in its form and design, the 3,500m2 permanent exhibition space will present visitors with an incredible array of experiences via its 19 themed modules incorporating no fewer than 150 multimedia works. The exhibition will be highly accessible, with a bespoke audioguide helping visitors to navigate their way through this immersive, multi-sensory environment. Available in 8 languages, the content of this audioguide can be tailored to suit visitors of different ages and with different needs: audio-description, subtitles etc. A voyage of discovery, the exhibition route introduces visitors to the world of wine and the indelible mark it has left on our heritage, our environment and our cultures. The content for each section of the exhibition has been created with input from numerous experts in that field.