Heidi Schröck’s campaign for equal opportunity

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Noble sweet wines are no longer just for dessert!
The notion that sweet wines go best with the cheese course or dessert is an attitude that is every bit as erroneous as it is widespread. Winegrower Heidi Schröck is laying down a challenge, contending that the pleasant sweetness found in some wines should be accepted as a flavour-component to be treated on the same footing as those composing a course of the meal – and promoted in sophisticated cuisine.
Heidi Schröck is convinced: ‘Sweetness is an important element in our life. More than simply an aspect of flavour, it is an essential and basic need of our bodies. We should offer it to our bodies in its finest form!’
Admittedly, serving sweet wines as accompaniment to food is nothing truly new, but Heidi Schröck is now presenting her nobly sweet wines quite confidently alongside the starters/appetizers, soups and the main course. Fitting the spiciness and acidity of the wine to the spice, heat, sweetness or bitterness of the dish, these wines will easily find the appropriate companion: smoked catfish, grilled chicken with ginger, spicy rack of lamb or even artichokes.
And to make things easier for gourmets and sommeliers, Heidi is making some recommendations: three of her most important noble sweet wines – Spätlese, Beerenauslese and Ruster Ausbruch – have gotten a fresh change of raiment: some potential culinary partners are depicted on her new labels.
‘Food-pairing “off the beaten path” is the absolute trend these days,’ according to Heidi. ‘And with good reason,’ she says. ‘We have allowed ourselves to become limited by preconceived notions for far too long. The new generation of epicures and winelovers is quite open to new ideas, and loves experimenting.’
In Defence of Sweetness: Heidi’s new sweet wines, which go beautifully with spicy dishes:

Spätlese 2013 (Weißburgunder & Welschriesling)
An aromatic middleweight, this wine will show its most elegant side when the partner dish presents it with some peppery spice and cool acidity. An ideal accompaniment for lobster or smoked catfish – to the delicate acidity of tomatoes, apricots, limes or passion fruit. Good with spicy ginger & chillies, with fennel and ripened hard cheese.

Beerenauslese 2013 (Welschriesling & Weißburgunder) 
Delicate blossom fragrances swirl around this fine Beerenauslese, which for all of its subtle aromaticity demands a substantial counterpart. Serve with grilled fowl or prawns, well- spiced with ginger and chillies, with fresh peas and exotic orange notes; perhaps a ripe honeydew melon. Does nicely with goat’s cheese as well.

Ruster Ausbruch 2013

This Ausbruch is very concentrated and quite tightly wound, a wine that will
age happily for fifty years. It needs partners to match its assertive flavour and texture. A charming companion for a spicy rack of lamb or a steak; lovely with artichokes – with ginger, with peppery pumpkin dishes – as well as classic cheeses like Stilton or Roquefort.

Heidi Schröck will show all three of them at Prowein – March 15th to 17th, 2015 –
Hall 17 / F82.

The Schröck Estate has been in operation since the late 18th century in the free city of Rust, where Heidi Schröck cultivates ten hectares of vineyards. The charming and picturesque farmstead dates from the 16th century, and has been lovingly & carefully renovated. Schröck wines are served in the world’s finest restaurants. 

Heidi Schröck photo credit: Steve Haider


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