Grüner Veltliner “Der Ott” 2014

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Bernhard Ott makes no compromises:
2014 Grüner Veltliner „Der Ott“ harvested exclusively from vineyards rated “Premier Cru”

2014 was a year rife with challenges for Austrian winegrowers, when the weather conditions at harvest time demanded far more effort and attention than usual. This was true as well for Bernhard Ott, the Grüner Veltliner specialist from Feuersbrunn in the growing region Wagram, who testifies, “We had to put in an enormous amount of work last autumn selecting and sorting the grapes.”

For Ott, a member of the winegrowers’ group Respekt, it was practically an ethcial matter to make certain that only healthy grapes got into the cellar. “Having crystal-clear fruit to work with is the greatest concern for me, in white wines”, he affirms. No fewer than twenty harvest helpers worked very selectively in the vineyards, while the grapes they picked were gone over and painstakingly sorted once more in the cellar.

Out of respect for nature
This virtually obsessive process of selection is not only cost-intensive, but also results in having much less material to work with, compared to a “normal” vintage year.

Respecting the stringent dictates of nature, the intuitive and practical Mr Ott accepted the severe but unavoidable consequences: “From the 2014 vintage – for the first time – we will not be bottling any single-vineyard wines”, explained the pioneer from the Wagram. “In 2014, all of the grapes that we could harvest from the “Erste Lage” (Premier Cru) vineyards Feuersbrunner Spiegel, Engabrunner Stein and Feuersbrunner Rosenberg have gone into our flagship wine “Der Ott”.”

„Der Ott“ 2014 – there’s simply nothing like it!
„Der Ott“ is a Grüner Veltliner that Bernhard customarily vinifies from younger plantings in the top vineyards, while the more mature vines furnish the grapes for his Premier Cru single-vineyard bottlings. But in 2014, the entire harvest – without exception – from the finest sites has gone into “Der Ott”. This results in a wine that is impressive for its great depth of fruit, while delivering the maximum of aromaticity and elegance, promising a memorable sense of drinking pleasure. “There’s simply nothing like it”, says the satisfied Bernhard Ott.

“Der Ott 2014” will be released in May, and available for tasting for the first time at ProWein, from 15 – 17 March in Düsseldorf, Germany:
Hall 17, Stand Nr. C19. 

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