Fabrice Rosset sets up prestigious facilities for Delas Frères in the heart of Tain l’Hermitage

door | 11 jun 2015 | Internationaal, Nieuws


Founded  in Tournon-sur-Rhône in 1835, Delas Frères was acquired  by Champagne Deutz in 1977. Since that time it has been developing and implementing  a strategy founded on quality and respect for the terroir.
Since the arrival of Fabrice Rosset at the helm of the company in 1996, Delas Frères has put in place a €8 million investment plan: into its technical facilities including the press room,  harvest-handling facilities, ageing cellars, barrels room ; as well as into the acquisition of a wine estate and vineyards (Hermitage and Crozes Hermitage) …”the means to match our ambitions,”  stated its president.

This year, Delas Frères’ 180th anniversary year, marks a new era in the ascending recognition of the brand. The most recent acquisition of a property in Tain l’Hermitage is now giving Delas Frères a showcase facility that will help it to project  its image of expertise worldwide.

Between  five and six million euros will be invested in transforming this glorious property which, for generations, had been the traditional home and winery site of the Jaboulet family. From the 2017 vintage, it will be Delas Frères’ new home. There, the company will vinify its prestigious Northern Rhône Valley Crus, including the Hermitage and Crozes Hermitage AOCs where Delas Frères owns no less than 28 hectares.

“We are delighted to be able to capitalize on the image of this unique property : a symbol within the Rhône Valley fine wine world. We are thrilled at the idea of being able to receive aficionados of the brand and Rhône Valley wine enthusiasts, in style “, stated Fabrice Rosset.

Furthermore, making reference to the “philosophy of the shareholders applied to all of their entities”, “one of luxury without ostentation”, he stated further :  “DELAS FRERES is now aligned with the values of the rest of our Group’s brands, whether they are CHATEAU PICHON COMTESSE, ROEDERER ESTATE, DOMAINE OTT, RAMOS PINTO, LOUIS ROEDERER or CHAMPAGNE DEUTZ “.

Something that will not displease Group President, Frédéric Rouzaud, who was the mastermind behind the acquisition of DELAS FRERES in 1993.