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2015: DEUTZ CHAMPAGNE meets its objectives and enjoys record levels of sales
The path taken by the Champagne house since Fabrice Rosset’s appointment as Chairman & CEO in late 1996 has been eloquent.
Over the last 20 years, and after the “smoothing” to compensate for exogenous factors (such as the “Millennium” effect, harvest quantity or quality shortfalls, and the global economic crisis created by the “sub-primes”), the Brand continues its strong growth.
1996: 576,000 bottles of “Deutz” Champagne (secondary brands excluded)
2015: 2,185,000 bottles
In addition, “Deutz still has real potential for growth in international markets” states the CEO, as exports account for only 40% of total sales.
Recent investment in the production facilities, the loyalty of the grands crus/premiers crus grape suppliers, recognition of the Brand as being among the “top 4-6” (according to the most respected international publications), the bolstering of human resources in management, and the resources to further develop marketing activity: “All this will allow us to attain new heights in the coming years,” he adds.
2015: DELAS FRERES achieves record sales
Here again, the same magic seems to have worked.
Sales revenue crossed the symbolic € 10 million threshold.
Intensive work on the quality of the entire range, as well as heavy investment in image building and production facilities – “which will spur managerial and organizational innovation” -, will also enable the Brand to make further “important progress from 2017”.
Total sales revenue of the D/D Group was close to € 54 million in 2015 (+10%)
The financial resources are very healthy and allow Delas / Deutz to undertake with confidence the important investment projects initiated by the CEO.
NB: € 36 million has been invested since 1997, to which € 7-9 M will be added, “entirely from the Deutz / Delas Group‘s own funds”, between now and 2017.
Hoping for a “moderate but real” upturn in the global economy and restating the Group’s “keys to success”, i.e.:
‐ The talent and cohesion of the D/D team,
‐ Its tireless commitment to quality and “zero defects”
– Its dedication to total customer service,
Fabrice Rosset is looking forward to continual growth despite an environment which is “increasingly competitive, even among brands with a strong personality”, notably in Champagne.