Castellani on the red carpet at the 70th Festival de Cannes with ZIOBAFFA

door | 4 mei 2017 | Internationaal, Nieuws

An event that is becoming a habit. The Castellani company – a historic reality that is based in Pontedera, in Tuscany, but with wineries in Valdera and in Chianti Classico – will represent for the third year the Italian quality and excellence at the prestigious Festival de Cannes.
The leading wines will be those of ZIOBAFFA, whose philosophy concerns not only production but also a lifestyle tied to roots and Italian and Tuscan traditions.
«The ZIOBAFFA brand truly reflects our philosophy,– says Piergiorgio Castellani the Marketing Manager -. In 2012 I met Jason Baffa, an independent American director, who was planning to make a documentary film on Italian lifestyle in Tuscany».
The film is about the journey of an American surfer, Chris Del Moro, renowned free-surfer and model, who comes to Italy to rediscover his roots and falls in love with the Italian lifestyle. The director tells us about our traditions, our landscapes and the bond between nature and our everyday life. «You Italians often take for granted things that are not. From the sunset on your hills, to the flavors of your typical cheese and local wine», Baffa explained at the time.
This story and this project fascinated Piergiorgio Castellani enough to induce him to become the co-producer of the film project and to make the Poggio al Casone, in the municipality of Crespina, the headquarters of the entire crew.
«ZIOBAFFA brand wines originate from the Love for the great Italian tradition, trying to convey it to the new generations – Castellani says-. My family runs a centenary company that has been over the years one of the pioneers of organic viticulture in Tuscany extending to the entire production process the revolutionary zero-waste principle that by reducing, recycling and reusing all materials tends to clear the environmental impact of each production.».

ZIOBAFFA style focuses on this sustainable approach, which is considered to be the only possible choice to get a better end product and to ensure a worthy future for our planet and generations to come.

«This kind of orientation – concludes Piergiorgio Castellani – led us to choose the HELIX™ capping technology, the innovative reusable cork closure system that reconciles the tradition of the cork stopper to a modern use of the cork stopper. The labels created by the artist, environmentalist and surgeon Chris Del Moro are printed on certified FSC papers and applied with non-toxic and vegan friendly adhesives».

During the 70th Festival which will take place in the French town from May 17 to 28, the Hollywood stars will have the pleasure of drinking not only wine, but also to meet the whole Italian production and company represented by the three wines.
Wines informations capsules
Prosecco Doc

This Prosecco DOC is made with organically grown grapes from the hilly vineyards of the province of Treviso in Veneto, in full compliance with all EU requirements for organic farming. Fermentation, by means of selected yeasts, is carried out at a constant temperature of 18 ° C and ends in 8-10 days. After a storage period proceeds to a wise coupage to obtain the cuvée of sparkling basis prosecco. Then follows the filtration of the basis in the autoclave, after the addition of rectified concentrated must and selected yeasts, the foam extract (Martinotti Charmat method) occurs at a temperature of 14-15 ° C. Once the desired levels of pressure have been obtained, alcohol and sugars are subjected to cold stabilization. Inspired by our inclination in having fun, during the aperitif, we are proud to present this Prosecco as a new addition 2016.

Pinot Grigio IGT

When traveling in Italy we fell in love with this Pinot Grigio from organic farming. Surrounded by the romantic atmosphere of the typical taverns and wine shops in every Italian village we have visited, we immediately appreciated the tradition of Pinot Grigio, a delicate white wine with a fresh and floral aroma that certainly makes it the most famous Italian white wine.

Selected by the well-experienced Piergiorgio Castellani in the vineyards of southern Italy (where the warm and dry climate allows natural biological cultivation). The wine is made with grapes harvested during the night and then cold fermented very slowly to maintain all its aromatic complexity and the freshness of this famous Italian grape variety.

Toscana Rosso IGT

The first vintage of this Toscana Rosso was harvested during the taking of the film “Bella Vita” in September 2012. It is a red wine from organic farming, produced mainly from Sangiovese grapes (with a twenty percent Syrah) collected in the holding of Poggio Al Casone, owned by the Castellani family. The images of the first vintage have been impressed on the 35mm film of “Bella Vita” to leave to the future the joyful and familiar spirit of Tuscan vintage.

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