Harvest and climate change: the commitment of Cantina Fratelli Pardi

door | 5 sep 2019 | importeurs, Internationaal, Nieuws, Redactie

The harvest is finally about to start at Cantina Fratelli Pardi in Montefalco, and it will be the Merlot that starts the ball rolling. This will be followed by the white grapes like Grechetto and Chardonnay, while the Trebbiano Spoletino and Sagrantino will be picked – as usual – from mid-October onwards.

«The 2019 vintage looks like being the most regular of the last few years, even if it shares the unpredictability of recent growing seasons» says Alberto Pardi, owner of the estate. «The rains and low temperatures in May slowed down the flowering of the vines, while the subsequent heat in June and July restored balance to their development and the ripening of the sugars, encouraging healthy growth of the fruit and satisfying our expectations of quality».

«There has been much talk recently about climate change and how it is influencing the vines and vinification. This change has led to an unpredictability in weather patterns that is even more significant than the rise in temperatures, which is nevertheless undeniable» Alberto Pardicontinues.

«What is noticeable is a lack of regularity in the growing seasons, with an intensification of violent climatic phenomena and sudden changes in the weather. This situation has induced us to reconsider the way we work in the vineyard, not only to maintain the style of our wines in drier years but also – and especially – to see what we can do to make our own small contribution to preserving the balance of nature. Besides, in Italian the words “vite” (vine) and “vita” (life) are very closely linked».

Alberto has decided to begin this new approach by evaluating the Water Footprint: this is an indicator of the total volume of water resources used in making a given product and includes the whole of the production chain.

Alberto’s idea is that of creating, with the collaboration of a research body or university department, a production process that involves the efficient and ecological management of water resources, both as regards operations in the winery and treatments in the vineyard. «We will introduce this innovation very shortly and we hope it will also inspire other companies, not only in the wine sector. We want to contribute to preserving this essential resource» concludes Alberto.

The Pardi Winery is a perfect example of a family-run, terroir-based company, pervaded by the essence of the area where it is based and in which it is rooted emotionally, intellectually and instinctively, but also thanks to a marked cultural and social awareness. For many years now the Pardi name has been indissolubly linked with Sagrantino, a wine with a very precise identity and forthright style, which derives from its grape variety, region and the vintage, and which always displays an exceptionally clean, elegant profile.