We now have to think of a new way of communicating: to keep in touch, and not allow life to come to a standstill

door | 11 mrt 2020 | Internationaal, Nieuws, Redactie

Livorno, 10th March 2020. This is a serious, difficult time, in which we must all keep to the rules and regulations in order to protect the health of everyone. In the long moments of reflection on what is happening now and what the immediate future will hold, all of the staff here at PR Comunicare il Vino have asked themselves how we can help the producers with which we work. 

«We are convinced» says the agency’s owner Riccardo Gabriele, «that as consultants we must carry on working to support those who have given us their trust. We are sure that it is fundamental to react straightaway, letting ourselves be guided by our intuition and by our ability to take new, alternative paths that will allow us to get over this moment of difficulty together».

It is in this spirit that our communication agency has decided to use a rather innovative method (successfully employed also by others in the past) so as to taste “virtually” together.

This system will enable us to carry on with our work and allow us to offer our producers’ wines for tasting (by sending samples by prior agreement) to any of our colleagues in the trade who may be interested. We will give them the possibility of interfacing directly – using the various types of technology available – with us in the agency and, if they wish, with the producers as well, with everyone in the security of their own home.

«We will be able to present the new vintages and new wines» says Gabriele, «thus offering updates on the wineries’ production. We will also produce press releases telling journalists and importers about all the novelties that our producers have released – and are continuing to do so».

These virtual tastings are a very precious tool that will succeed in reaching out to all those who wish to take part in this “new” form of public relations activity. It will allow us not only to break down geographical barriers (as well as those currently put in place in order to limit the spread of the virus), but also to reduce the time and costs involved in transferring physically around the world.

«We are confident that we can offer a possible solution, which will take us through to the end of this difficult period and may also offer interesting opportunities in the future», the agency’s owner concludes. «Above all, this will permit us to remain in contact – even if only digitally – with all the colleagues with whom we have always shared our professional activities. It will also be a way – and this is our major desire – to remain united so that we can face this extremely problematic period together».

PR Comunicare il Vino is obviously at everyone’s disposal to arrange and coordinate the sending of samples and press releases, and to organize the virtual tastings.