Chianti Classico new website: Always innovative, since 1716

door | 6 dec 2020 | Internationaal, Nieuws

The new Chianti Classico Consortium website is online: with 360° views of the territory, detailed descriptions of Chianti Classico wines, and advanced research functions, you are guaranteed a trip to the Gallo Nero area even from home

The watchword is innovation. The Vino Chianti Classico Consortium presents its own online portal revolutionising users’ experience with a design that aims at virtual immersion in the territory and wine, and discovering their infinite facets.

The new website’s light structure is conceptually designed to satisfy users looking for an exciting experience as well as anyone in search of technical information, and offers plenty of scope to the defining features of Chianti Classico: wine, territory, brand name, not to mention the Gallo Nero universe, a constellation of projects and institutions, all connected but dedicated to individual purposes.

Also new is the horizontal scroll function on the desktop version, a sophisticated solution that makes the website stand out compared to others, reinforcing the brand identity even more strongly.

As for content, the website consolidates its institutional value with clear references to the Consortium’s statutory purposes (promotion and protection of the Chianti Classico and Gallo Nero brand name, in the new section dedicated to the Brand) and with a fresh and lively presentation style for the territory and wine and the unbreakable connection between them.

The description of the area is enriched by images showing 360° scenes by Alessandro Masnaghetti, who has also developed a virtual journey with stages in each of the eight Chianti Classico towns. Using this tool – for the first time for an Italian consortium – enthusiasts and experts can enjoy a highly privileged and exclusive point of view  to discover the details of one of the oldest and most varied wine territories in the world, with a glance.

Wine is the undisputed prince of the website, with sections full of technical details; users can discover the version of all the estates by looking at the Chianti Classico labels presented online all together for the first time today.

Thanks to our working relationship with Bottlebooks, a company specialising in managing the data of wine estates, we have been able to integrate the individual profiles of the Consortium’s member estates (354 wine estates releasing their own brand on the market), as well as their wines. Using an advanced search system you can find both the estates and their wine tourism offer, and the technical descriptions of their wine.

Some sections of the website are still “work in progress” and will be added or completed in the coming months.

 “The website is an international business card for us,” says Consortium director Carlotta Gori, “especially in an unusual situation like the one we are experiencing now in 2020. A well designed online presence is an important asset and even more so if blended with real experience.”

…Talking of Bottlebooks: Bottlebooks designs, develops and distributes software for wine producing estates to create, manage and share product information with their businesses partners. The Bottlebooks system is available in 6 languages and can be used with all ERP, PIM and e-shop systems all over the world.