urban gastronomy Lounge@ProWein 2024 Focus on: Food Pairing

door | 19 dec 2023 | Internationaal, Nieuws

Restaurateurs – and especially the young urban scene from European and overseas metropolises – can particularly look forward to the forthcoming ProWein: for the third time now the “urban gastronomy by #asktoni & ProWein” Lounge will feature on the agenda. The culinary community is in for a tailor-made presentation of current trends and themes – hosted by Toni Askitis, himself a restaurateur from Düsseldorf, a wine sommelier and influencer.

The programme staged in the Lounge in Hall 4 is as entertaining as the “in” gastronomic scene is hip; boredom is not an option. And this is, of course, due to the combination of food & wine – the be-all and end-all of food service. But what are the basic principles of successful food pairing? What should restaurateurs pay attention to, how can they thrill and captivate their diners? Answers and inspirations for this will come care of four daily workshops, the centre-piece of the urban gastronomy Lounge, which will impart knowledge in an infotaining way.

The daily point of departure is “How to ProWein?” at 10.00 am. How to prepare the visit to ProWein, what to get out of a visit? After all, restaurateurs have to choose from 5,700 exhibitors from over 60 countries attending. The key question of course reads: What are the basic principles of food pairing?

The second workshop from 12.00 noon comes under the motto “Bring your own Bottle!” An international wine blogger is invited to bring along their favourite wine or one they discovered at ProWein. In talking to visitors they will sound out which dishes go with this wine.

At 2.00 pm music will come into play; vintners from around the world will present a song that matches their wine. Needless to say, the vintner will reveal why they pair this wine with the selected music – Music Pairing, so to speak.

The highlight of the day will be the fourth workshop, when from 4.00 pm international dishes will be paired with international wines. As an example, Miki Furue, a Japanese influencer living in Düsseldorf will pair vegan dishes with selected wines.   

(https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7128717996516093952/https://milathevegan.com/about-me/ ).

Curious to know which vintners, influencers and bloggers will visit the urban gastronomy Lounge? Then simply follow ProWein’s and Toni Askitis’ digital channels:

www.prowein.com; www.asktoni.de