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In Tokyo, in March, PAOLO BASSO was dazzling, impressing his panel and his audience.

In February 2014, he will be at VINISUD to share his passion and to highlight the qualities of Mediterranean wines:

“Mediterranean Varietals” MASTER CLASS, Monday 24 February.

3 questions for PAOLO BASSO, World’s Best Sommelier 2013

1) Among wines worldwide, how would you rate the wines produced in the Mediterranean, the cradle of viticulture and of wine?

Mediterranean wines are of great importance to me due to the many youthful memories that I have of that part of the world. I travelled from my native country of Italy and have a special personal attachment to those countries and to regions like Sardinia, Tuscany, Corsica and the South of France.

2) Is the Mediterranean identified with varieties of a certain type or with diversity?

Mediterranean varieties produce wines that are rich in character. Their great diversity is connected to the varieties but also to the different cultures and to the personalities of the people who make them. One of my favourite varieties is Vermentino, which is outstanding when you serve it with seafood dishes.

3) Are there any key signs that allow you to identify the origins of those wines?

Those wines are warm, sun-kissed. You recognise the great maturity of the grapes, the fruit. When I taste wine, I concentrate more on the quality of the wine than its place of origin. Identifying quality is essential.